Coorgs in the time of Covid19


The ‘New Normal’

The UK Realises the Meaning of Gaslighting.

In a damning indictment of the government, the Sunday Times published a totally brutal exposing of the Tories – “38 days when Britain sleepwalked in disaster”. Boris Johnson gets COVID 19 himself and is out of action for three weeks – leaving the repetitive daily briefings on the situation to his rag tag bunch of hapless deputies. The health minister Matt Hancock bears the brunt of standing up, flanked by two medical experts, to deliver the mantra “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”, and the same charts every day.

The most senior minister, Dominic Raab, looks like a rabbit frightened by headlights.

During the first half of April we see more of chancellor Rishi Sunak (the only one capable of balanced delivery), throwing out many billions of support money. His appearances dwindle as the month draws to a close – presumably the coffers are already empty – hey, we realise that Rishi. But his deliveries are at least erudite and clear. The new boy, throwing caution to the wind, giving the performance of his life.

Her ‘Supreme Evilness’ Home Secretary Priti Patel is rolled out twice to disastrous results: True character shines through when she apologises for deaths caused by government inaction and woeful shortages of PPE and testing by declaring “I am sorry people feel that way“. Priti Vacant excels particularly in her first delivery “The government will make available “three hundered million, three hundred and sventy four thousand, million ££££££££££s to protect individuals by ‘fightin’ crime and ‘allocatin’ more powers to the police.” “We know who you are and we are vigorously ‘persuin’ the perpetrators through our forces across the UK ‘collaboratin’ and ‘poolin’ resources to maximum effect“.

Boris Johnson’s trusted advisor Dominic “Nosferatu” Cummings gets COVID19 himself and totally disappears from snarling view. It almost makes things even more sinsiter. Yet, by month end, there is uproar about his allegeded attedance at the SAGE meetings. One brave journalist veers from the approved questioning path to enquire if he had attended and what were his contributions? The question is brushed aside without answer. A few days later it is reported that participants of SAGE meetings are not publicised.

Our Cousins

Meanwhile, across The Pond, by month’s end in USA, more Americans die from corona virus than in the totality of the whole Vietnam conflict. Donald Trump brushes it off with his style, diverting attention away, vitriolically attacking the “fake news” media and worryingly wandering into the sickness of his own psyche. His later musings about retracted-as-sarcasm about the efficaciousness of light and disinfectant are retracted as ‘sarcasm’. This becomes probably the closest he has ever come to losing his grass roots support. Or will he? He later throws his toys out of the pram to declare the presidential briefings a waste of time and announces he won’t attend anymore. Or will he?

Communication is King

People amuse themselves in new virtual groups – the recreate-famous-art-with-things-you-have-at-home-group explodes globally and spawns many copycats. Meanwhile, POTUS remains high on the hugely popular global derision charts.

Zoom? Facetime? Whatsapp? House Party? And many more ……. everyone struggles either with choice or how to operate the tech. This writer votes Whatsapp for small groups and Zoom for more formal. But the latter is a poor and pale facsimile of real human interaction.

The Economist has, for years, been my journal of choice. And now there is more time to read and listen to it end-to-end on the cool new app. I find myself increasingly in agreement with large parts of its views.

Around mid month there is a massive spike in French death figures: Suddenly they factor in historic COVID19 deaths outside of hospitals. The UK, as usual, follows through late on this, claiming “hugely complicated” administration with a spike at month end. Excuses for the continuing woeful lack of PPE continue, however, Hancock announces on 30th that the 100,000 tests per day target is reached.

The excellent Worldometers corona site becomes a kind of ghoulish second bible. Don’t read too much or you’ll be sucked into its depths?

Keep the Home Fires Buring

The blessing, apart from the great weather, is new discovery of spots close to home. Fortunate that we live at the top of a hill, well positioned to experience balmy evenings. We open up a street side pub garden for chats with our lovely neighbours.

Meanwhile, much-missed daughter copes with amplomb in her new Brixton environment. Running is her release. One day she runs 28km to wish her boyfriend a socially distanced happy birthday. Year to date she has run over 500km – wow, where does she get it from. Certainly not her parents!

In the husband-wife Scrabble stakes a run of terrible letter luck sees ‘Her Indoors’ creep 3-2 ahead.

Album of the Month

Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes; What Kind of Music

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