Coorgs in the time of Covid19


Late into Lockdown

The excellent highly succesful South Africa work tour commences. Pretoria, Capetown and Durban. Glorious weather sees my ‘cold’ disappear. With the benefit of hindsight, what was it anyway? Never had a hacking cough like that before! Lyn had also experienced same starting at the end of our Asian trip. Makes one wonder.

The Start of the New Normal

I leave South Africa just as the first corona virus cases there are confirmed. Arriving back in UK reveals a sudden, slightly eery, change of atmosphere. Has the UK been too laise-faire? Eventually nationwide lockdown is announced on 23rd March. One brilliant wag, dressed in a plague doctor costume, meanders past the BBC reporter in Leicester Square covering the announcement – utterly brilliant. The “shock” announcement is foreseen and preceded by ridiculous panic buying of stupid items for a week prior – same is experienced in other “first world” countries. I think Australia claims the prize for pioneer in panic hording of toilet paper. Why? …… just why?…….. It takes some 10 days before we see a chicken, tomato paste or lentils. Let alone loo roll in the shops……

The weather improves greatly and the naughty British find it somehow hugely difficult to follow rules – Brighton seafront gets packed like crazy the week before Easter. But eventually the public largely complies and the polite lines at shops begin. Another interesting observation comes to the fore: Try to strike up a conversation in one of the said lines and you are either ignored, looked at strangely, met with conversation you did not expect (better), or presented with the necessity to stifle disagreement at the nonsense being spouted.

Like everywhere nationwide, we start different projects – mainly involving cleaning and clearing. Sorry, why are women so much better at this? Going about it with a scary voraciousness.


America starts the pandemic in earnest – over there reported in a totally different way to UK. Very nasty, very political, as opposed to the orchestrated gaslighting from the UK government, lapped up by most. Cracks reveal themselves everywhere. Mass panic in India. Consternation about countries like India and more; it becomes even harder to believe true facts and statistics.


Everyone searches for their version of truth. Personal inner stress takes hold. Contingency plans are no doubt made by millions. Governments promise hitherto unheard of sums of support money. Where did that suddenly all come from?

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