Coorgs in the time of Covid19


No Idea Yet of What is to Come

February starts off ‘normal enough’ with, even for me, a blistering travel schedule taking in Hamburg, Gothenburg, Oslo, Madrid, Barcelona, Helsinki, Trondheim, Bergen, Bristol, Rzeschow (E Poland) before flight to Johannesburg on 29th. Even an unexpected 2 day stopover in Lyon due to saftey landing because of appalling weather.


In Poland I grab the opportunity to visit Auschwitz – I could only take 3 hours of it, contemplating the unspeakable horrors which took place.

New Dawn

In Bristol at the crowded hifi show I become really sick. “Flu”. But I have to keep on going – arriving in Poland coughing like hell, so much so that I am hardly able to complete an industry interview or presentations. By 29th, still slightly poorly, on the plane to South Africa I muse over the newspaper article. This registers my first serious concern.

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