Videos 2019

01 Jan Thailand Nai Harn with Westcotts and Sandy
04 Mar Bristol Panto time
07 Apr short trip to Oslo
10 Apr Algarve with Evans and Dougill
13 May Isle of Man TT part one
16 May Isle of Man final days there
19 July – Brighton – Lyn Moving Still Exhibition and Angie and Gary Summer Mates Party
02 Jan Norrway Oslo snow
05 Mar Montreal Hifi Show and John Atkinson retirement do
08 Apr Axpona show KEF and Hegel Chicago
11 May Munich High End MOC
14 May Isle of Man Steam Railway
17 June Seattle and Portland
20 July – Bangkok Hong Kong Jakarta Tokyo
03 Jan London Pub
06 Mar Brexit Idiots London and Brighton football
09 Apr Home Brighton Maidstone and the Unthanks concert
12 May NL and UK and Theresa May resigns
15 May Isle of Man Castletown Race Sunday
18 June hanging out in Cali with Kerry
21 July Brighton – Lyn and Mary go for a swim beach hut